My name is Nick Hay and I have been a mystery fan for at least 30 years now. I have decided to establish a second blog dedicated solely to mystery reviews and some other mystery related matter in order that my ‘primary’ blog will not be overwhelmed. Many of my reviews now are for ReviewingtheEvidence and those, obviously, will be found on that site. However I have a stock of older reviews which I have published on the British Mysteries Yahoo list which I wanted to preserve in a more manageable and individual form; I also review any books which I read NOT for RTE, including any for the Crime Reading group of which I am a member.  These reviews represent only a tiny fraction of the total number of mysteries I have read ; I only started recording my thoughts with any sort of consistency a few years ago.

I also review occasionally for the invaluable Golden Age wiki when the book concerned belongs to the relevant period.

My mystery tastes are reasonably widespread but at the head of any list of favourites would be Christie, Innes, Hill and, of course, Allingham from whom the title of this blog is purloined – Mystery Mile is by no means one of her finest books but it was much the most appropriate title.

Using this blog

Reviews will generally be categorised as ‘reviews’ rather than by author name – to assign individual categories would produce an absurdly long list ; the search facility can be used to look for any author in whom you may be interested.

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