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Julia Mackenzie made her debut as the latest incarnation of Miss Marple, replacing Geraldine McEwan. The first episode was A Pocketful of Rye and it was pretty good. Read the rest of this entry »

The final unused rte review in this batch – in this case it proved to be a duplicate.

Laura Lippman – Another Thing to Fall Read the rest of this entry »

Julie Compton – Tell No Lies (2008) (another rte one and again very understandably not used!)

Jack Hilliard is the bright young star of the St Louis public prosecutor’s office. He has a brilliant court-room manner, a developed conscience and a happy family life with his wife Claire and their two sons. When his boss Earl, the District Attorney, retires from the job, Jack is the obvious candidate to replace him. He puts all this in jeopardy as a result of his entanglement with lawyer Jenny Dodson. When he finally sleeps with her the results are catastrophic, as Jenny is accused of a murder and only Jack can save her by providing an alibi for the night in question; his entire world rapidly unravels. Read the rest of this entry »

Another one which slipped the rte net – for very understandable reasons. This is probably not the worst mystery I have ever read but I am pretty sure it is the one I have disliked most. Had I not been reviewing it I would probably not have lasted more than ten pages; as it was it took me ages because I simply could not manage more than a few pages at a time. Read the rest of this entry »

Again this was written for rte but not used on the sad grounds (sorry!) that the book was already out of print by the time I got round to reviewing it. While this is a completely necessary rule as far as rte is concerned (there is no point the site carrying reviews of unavailable books), it is a real pity that this book did not get a better chance – anyway it is worth looking for a second-hand or library copy. Read the rest of this entry »

Jesse Kellerman – The Brutal Art (2008)

Another review intended for rte which turned out to be a duplicate. The rte review (at ) is a great deal more positive! Interestingly however the reviewer also notes the publicity comparison with THE INTERPRETATION OF MURDER but says that he really disliked that book. Perhaps you can only like one or the other? Read the rest of this entry »

Chris Simms – The Edge (2009)

(This review was intended for rte but Sharon Wheeler got there first – her much superior one may be found at Our conclusions are pretty similar.) Read the rest of this entry »

Robert Wilson: A Small Death in Lisbon (1999)

Sometime in the 1990’s a teenage girl is brutally murdered and dumped on a beach in Lisbon; it is the task of Inspector Ze Coelho to track down her killer. In 1941 businessman Klaus Felsen becomes an SS Officer with instructions to go to Portugal and arrange for supplies of wolfram (or tungsten), which is needed to make armour piercing shells and a vital requirement of the German war effort. The book traces the story of both Felsen and Coelho and how their narratives finally interact. Read the rest of this entry »

Ann Cleeves : Telling Tales (2005)

Inspector Vera Stanhope is called in to re-investigate a ten year old crime when new evidence emerges which proves that the woman, Jeanie Long, found guilty of the murder of fifteen-year-old Abigail Mantel was in fact innocent. Tragedy and poignancy are added to the investigation by the fact that Jeanie has recently hung herself in despair at the fact that no-one will believe her long-affirmed innocence. Read the rest of this entry »

Reginald Hill: Midnight Fugue (2009)

Gina Wolfe has come to Yorkshire to search for her missing husband who disappeared seven years previously leaving no traces. She thought he was dead but has been sent a photograph of him from a local newspaper. Her fiance, Mick Purdy of the Met, contacts Andy Dalziel to ask for his help. This sets in progress a chain of dramatic events in both Yorkshire and London which Hill traces over the course of a day. Read the rest of this entry »

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