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Ngaio Marsh – Light Thickens (1982)

Peregrine Jay, whom we met before in Death at the Dolphin (he is now 20
years older, married to Emily with three children), is putting on a
production of Macbeth at the Dolphin Theatre. Read the rest of this entry »


Marsh – Tied up in Tinsel (1972)

Troy has been commissioned to paint the picture of Hilary Bill-Tasman at his
ancestral home Halberds. Hilary is a very rich snob, who’s fortune derives
from his father’s success in the antiques trade, which he built up in
partnership with a rag and bone man called Bert Smith, and a couple of pools wins (Hilary must have been extraordinarily lucky); Hilary was actually
raised by an Uncle and Aunt – Colonel and Mrs Forrester.

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Ngaio Marsh – Dead Water (1964)

Wally Trehern, a child with learning difficulties as we would say today,
sees a ‘Green Lady’ who instructs him to wash his warty hands in a pool in
his native village of Portcarrow. The warts ‘miraculously’ disappear. When
the story is picked up by a journalist Portcarrow is transformed into a
major tourist attraction, with hoards of those seeking ‘cures’ descending
upon the village, thereby transforming the fortunes of the village pub which
becomes an hotel, the local nursing home, even the Vicar, but above all a
Miss Cost, who’s asthma has also been ‘cured’ by the pool, who opens a shop
dedicated to the sale of ‘Green Lady’ related paraphernalia and organises a
festival on the anniversary of Wally’s ‘cure’. Read the rest of this entry »

Ngaio Marsh – Death at the Dolphin (aka Killer Dolphin) (1967)

Peregrine Jay, playwright and theatre director, is viewing the dilapidated
and semi-ruined Dolphin Theatre when he falls into a watery hole on the
stage; he is rescued by a man who turns out to be Vassily Conducis a
reclusive millionaire. Conducis shows Jay a glove which he claims to be one
made by Shakespeare’s father for Shakespeare’s son. Read the rest of this entry »

Ngaio Marsh – Opening Night (aka Night at the Vulcan) (1951)

Martyn Tarne, 19 years old, arrives in London in search of fame and fortune
as an actress; when the book opens her money has been stolen and she has
been vainly seeking work for days before she arrives at the Vulcan theatre.
The female star’s dresser has been taken ill and Martyn being in the right
place at the right time gets the job.

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Ngaio Marsh – Hand in Glove (1962)

Any book which contains not only Marsh’s customary ‘Cast of Characters’ but also (oh joy) a genealogical chart is probably going to be hard to
summarise, so any omissions in the following should be forgiven. Nicola
Maitland-Mayne, our young heroine, has obtained a job assisting the
self-proclaimed snob Percival Pyke Period in his compilation of a book on
etiquette (‘one mustn’t overlap with dear Nancy. Very diffy.’).

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Ngaio Marsh – Final Curtain (1947)

There is a slight problem now for me with the Wiki
reviews in that Nick Fuller’s entry here is wonderfully succinct
and precise in terms of the book’s plot and atmosphere;
it would be redundant (and impossible) to try and
duplicate this (see Read the rest of this entry »

Ngaio Marsh – Death and the Dancing Footman (1942)

The book is fascinating for many reasons. It is perhaps worth noting that
it is set in Dorset, very near to the location of Overture to Death and a
couple of characters from that book make a minor appearance. But of far more interest is the fact that this is a War book. Read the rest of this entry »

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