Wonderfully expressed and brilliantly incisive article by my friend Raicho Raichev


R.T. (Raicho) Raichev’s previous post for this site examined the short stories of P.D. James. Raicho is a lifelong fan of English crime fiction and wrote his university dissertation on the subject. In this new post he examines and compares some of the work of two stars of mystery’s Golden Age, Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh. Two new stories in Raicho’s critically acclaimed Antonia Darcy and Major Payne mystery series are coming up in EQMM soon; the latest novel in that series is The Killing of Olga Klimt. This post goes up on its author’s birthday. From all of us at EQMM, Raicho, happy birthday!!—Janet Hutchings

Solutions revealed: Agatha Christie’s The Mirror Crack’d, Endless Night

At a party at London’s Savoy Hotel two ladies are chatting amiably. One is in her late sixties, tall and hawk-nosed, wearing an elegant black dress and broad-brimmed black hat, elbow-length satin…

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