I just wanted to note that by one of those extraordinary coincidences emeralds – the subject of part of Jill Paton Walsh’s talk at St Hildas (see https://mysterymile.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/st-hildas-2009-1/ )  and set to form a part of her latest Wimsey continuation book – have turned up again as a central leitmotif in Thomas Ellroy’s masterpiece Blood’s A Rover (my review of which might be turning up on Reviewing the Evidence sometimes soon). Ellroy provides a brief history of Colombian emerald mining and the exploitation and violence which attended it. Emerald derived money becomes a source of both right-wing coups and revolutionary struggle. The disjunction between the worlds of The Attenbury Emeralds and that of Blood’s A Rover could hardly be more extreme, yet both are covered by the fabulous breadth and diversity of the mystery genre – which is a source of  and reason for celebration.