A case in point is Vivien Armstrong. I must have
quite liked her writing since I borrowed three books
but I just have no memory of them! Apart from
demonstrating my appalling memory I hope
that this shows that they were not particularly memorable :).

Before anyone objects that the obvious solution to this
problem is to make notes immediately upon finishing
the book, I should point out that this was during a period
when I was not well and therefore in no condition to take
notes (which is also why I was reading so many mysteries).

It is very unfair to single Vivien Armstrong out in this way
(I would be delighted if someone could post a commendation)
– there are a number of writers to whom this applies.

One writer who’s work I can recall is Judith Cook – I read
a couple of her John Latymer books ; Worm in the Bud and
Keeper’s Gold. Cook, who has sadly died, is better known as
a writer of historical mysteries, which I have not read. John Latymer
is an ex-cop, who’s life is in something of a mess – so far, so
usual! These books are not distinguished by strong plots or even
strong characterisation, but they do have a strong sense of
locality, particularly the Cornish setting of Keeper’s Gold.

Incidentally it seems that there is something of a tragic
mystery surrounding Cook’s inheritance; go to the web-site


to see what I mean (certainly the oddest and saddest
web-site I have seen in a while!).

(March 2007)