In 2005 Janet Neel  produced Ticket to Ride.I thought I had reviewed this
here but can’t find it so maybe not. so here briefly (and from memory)

>>On the beach, west of Kings Lynn a dog discovers the shallow graves
of eight bodies, all male, all young, all identifying papers removed.
All had suffocated to death and been hastily dragged through the
mud to their temporary graves. An unfortunate fate for the
asylum seekers identified by their clothing as originating from
the former Yugoslavia. Jules Carlisle of Paul Jenkins Solicitors
takes on the case of Minko Dragunovi.<< (publishers blurb).

I found this very hard to assess. If you had never read the
Francesca Wilson series I think you would really enjoy this book.
It has a strong plot, excellent treatment of the sociological/political
issues involved (illegal immigration, exploitation of immigrant workers),
real detail on a particular work area (here agro-business – again
as often with Neel an unusual area which I have certainly not
encountered in any other Brit myst). All the strong Neel traits
in fact. But! The heroine (Jules) is just a Francesca clone. And
an unsatisfactory one. So I found it disappointing because it was
not a Francesca book. And all the weaknesses of Neel’s treatment
of Francesca (an over-indulgence) were repeated but without the
saving grace of the reader’s established relationship with Francesca
(who can be and I imagine is to many readers very off-putting).
Still if you like Neel this is still well worth seeking out. I may be
being un-generous cos of my regard for the Wilson series.

Neel is of course very much a part-time writer She is after all
a member of the House of Lords (and a very active one). She is
involved in all sorts of business and political activities. She is
a ‘pillar of the establishment’ (actually the House of Lords plays
a walk-on role in Ticket to Ride and you can be sure that Neel
is writing of what she knows).

(November 2007)