The Cruise Connection by Peter Kerr
3rd in the Bob Burns series

This is one of the silliest mysteries I have ever read.
It is intended as a comic mystery and of course
comedy is in the mind of the reader. In general I
am a big fan and defender of the comic mystery tradition.
But I didn’t find this in the least funny. I think the best
word I can use to describe it is twee. And silly.

Yet I did read the whole wretched thing – admittedly this
took me about an hour – in growing bemusement. Would a point emerge?
To tell the truth though I can’t be bothered wasting time
describing it (:) and I have no contractual obligation to do
so here). If you think you might like an utterly unrealistic
and generally absurd concoction set on a second-rate
Mediterranean cruise liner this is the book to try.
I will say that it is definitely better than the other cruise
liner book I read by Mary and Carol Higgins Clark –
but as that may be one of the worst mysteries I have ever
read this is not a high recommendation.

(May 2008)