Geraldine Evans – Blood on the Bones: This is the 9th in the
Rafferty and Llewellyn series. I don’t think I have read any before
but it is the sort of book I might forget.

 DI Rafferty, a lapsed Catholic, is called in to investigate a murder at a Carmelite nunnery. This sounded like my kind of book and started off
quite well; unfortunately my interest soon waned. There is nothing
particularly interesting about either Rafferty or Llewellyn and the
investigation and solution were far from notable themselves. On her
web-site this series is described as ‘humourous’; well there
is always a big risk with that as it depends on whether the reader
finds it funny – I didn’t. (this is not an attack on humourous
mysteries per se – I love them and consider them an important
part of a certain strand of the British mystery tradition).
Not recommended.

(May 2007)