Victoria Blake: Bloodless Shadow.
(1st in Sam Falconer series)

PI Sam Falconer is hired to find the missing wife
of Oxford therapist John O’Connor. Sam hates
Oxford scene of her miserable childhood and
still home to her mother and brother.

Bad doesn’t start to describe this. I read on and
on in mounting disbelief – it was so bad that I was
compelled to read on – which is a complement in
a way I suppose. Every cliche that you can think
of has been thrown in. Sam Falconer is the
ex-World Champion at Judo (I am not kidding!
No honest I’m not) living with eccentric neighbours
in London including an old woman who does tobacco
smuggling. Her brother is gay. Her father is an ex-SAS
man who is supposed to have died in Oman but
did he? In fact he is involved with some arm of
the secret service and mixed up in shady business in Ireland
with the IRA (yes really not kidding again!). Later we
get child abuse. Oh and murder of course. And Sam
gets beaten up of course.
Nonsense is piled on nonsense in an almost baroque
fashion. As I say there is a horrible compulsion but this
is an absurdity – all bombast with no heart, no feeling
whatever. Terrible.

(November 2007)