I read two Atkins books, both in the Sheldon Hunter
series : Cold in the Grave and Private View. The available
information about Atkins is sparse and a little confusing.
According to Fantastic Fiction her first book was published
in 1964, but I am not clear if this was even a mystery.
Between 1975 and 1988 she wrote 3 books in a series
which FF calls the Harry Beaumont series. The first of
the Sheldon Hunter books was Cold in The Grave and there
have now been 4 as listed by EuroCrime – the last two
were published by Allison and Busby.

The Reviewing the Evidence reviewer at Eurocrime wrote
of Private View

>>It is somewhat of a cozy, police procedural.
The writing is confident and concise. The storyline
is clear and clever.<<

which is a reasonable summary. Of the two I read I think
I preferred Cold in the Grave, but both books exhibited
goodish plots and characterisation. Atkins only goes off-track
when she strays too far from her soicial milieu ( something which
might be said of other writers). I certainly intend to read the other
two at some stage without being desperate to do so.

(June 2007)